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 See The 5 Businesses That Ruled The Online World In Nigeria In The Last One Year

The last one year was a beehive of activities online in Nigeria. The rise in the use of the internet as a platform of earning money could have been due to many reasons. Many have however pointed to the bad state of the economy as what forced many Nigerians into exploring other avenues of earning money.

Incidentally, all these businesses were suitable for even those with jobs as they could be run as part time businesses. Not only that, four of the five businesses had their payment in foreign currency. This was a great opportunity as the naira was already on a free fall and this made it possible for the earnings in foreign currency to translate to more funds in the Nigerian currency. Many Nigerians are still engaging these opportunities while many more are joining the train. After all, who wouldn’t want to earn extra bucks legitimately in this period?

So, what are these businesses? Let’s begin.

1. Ponzi Schemes: For the second half of the year 2016, Ponzi scheme was the hottest “business” in Nigeria. But i will not advice even my enemy to invest in them It offered an incredible 30% returns on “investment.” I had to include this in the list because at that time, none of the members of such schemes would want to hear that this was not a business. Ponzi schemes enjoyed a wide range of patronage from both the educated to the uneducated and even to the market women. Tables however turned in December when the mother of all Ponzi schemes crashed. Many people lost their hard earned money. Some still believe that MMM is back and are currently engaging the platform again. Of all the businesses on this list, this happens to be the most risky because it required your money to give you money as “returns”.

2. Kindle Publishing: This platform grew in popularity also in the last one year. Though it did not enjoy wide patronage like other businesses on the list, it remains a very lucrative opportunity. Kindle Publishing allows you to publish books in soft copies for sale. To succeed in this business, patience and a knack for research are two compulsory requirements. Not only that, this business is a little bit intricate that it takes considerable time for anyone to make a serious headway in it. It is still, however, a viable option for anybody who wants to earn money online legitimately.

3. Blogging: It would be a modest statement to say that the number of blogs doubled in the last 2 year. With the glaring success of bloggers like Linda Ikeji, many Nigerians took the opportunity as an avenue to earn online. Within a short time, it seems bloggers were just too many and crowded the internet space. The downside of it was that many who ventured into it never took time to understand it. Personally, one of the flaws I have noticed is that recent bloggers are too concerned with traffic that they would do anything and post anything to get you to their blog. However, real success in blogging comes from building an audience. With an audience, you don’t have to resort to gimmicks. They would always come back to your blog if their previous experience was worth it. The success of a blog, I would say, is not in having fans or mere readers, but in having an ever-present audience.

4. Freelancing: Freelance gave opportunities to Nigerians to offer their services (commonly referred to as “gigs, baits or jobs”) for money. The term “freelancing” is not restricted to writing articles alone as some suppose. It is a generic word that refers to providing services in exchange for money. So, under freelancing, you can find plenty options like cover letters and resumes, translation, transcription, content marketing, social media marketing, voice over, graphics designing, jingles, video editing etc. This business has proven to be worth the time as it affords you the convenience of working from wherever you want to and get paid for any skill that you have. 

5. Affiliate Marketing: Unlike every other item on the list, this is the least understood and least engaged opportunity. The term “Affiliate Marketing” means the act of recommending products to people online and getting paid for every sale that comes through you. The payment does not come from the person who made the purchase through you, but the merchant from whom the purchase was made. What makes this altogether incredible is the fact that there is no limit to the commission you can earn as the more you recommend, the more you earn. A few Nigerians are already engaging in this business and are seeing credible results too.


If you have not joined any of the businesses above, it is not too late to do so. As the Chinese proverb has it, “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is NOW.” You can start today and join other Nigerians in making profit from the online world.

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