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DEAR reader, I know words alone won't explain how this trouble most unfortunate people in this world. To look further. In daily life activities, we got two or more difficult to face. No one in life could say, he/she hasn't being confronted by failure. Failure is something you can't avoid. Do anybody, we all shall face it. Though, it's very sure God created us for a greater purpose in life. But not everyone will fulfill his/her destiny. Let look at what causes failure in ones life :

1. Firstly, your self-confidence: This do with so many things. If you're a person that you'd retreat or surrender. For every problems. Sorry! You're getting things though for yourself. Why?  Because it going to affect you not now but in future. You can't just back-up because you don't have courage to proceed or you're not to the standard. Can I talk in crowd? Can you confront a person?  Be anybody. I heard of an interview of a lady. She was actually looking for a role of accountant. But in that company, it's only a clerk that they're combing for. This lady went. Dressed like a real person looking for job. As an educated person. You will want to flow words with your partner. (Educated fellow)  so this lady was call upon, when it reached her on  time. She centered on what she came for. (Accountant)  though they're looking for a clerk. But with the manner of the way she was speaking. Not minding if she actually will be given the job or not. In all, she was ask to go after the series of questions that flowed in and out. Ask me what happened next?  She was given the job of a director:successfully. Why?  She was over prepared and was confident in herself. Though, she faced some panel of justice, over 35prof.but in all, she came first among 45 people that applied. Can you see how confident operates?  It goes a long way. If you're confident enough. You will have a mind to fight for your right at the point of depression. You just have to do things, which people will see and say 'who's this person, he/she is absolutely gallant'. Make people proud of you. Have a mind of victory. Drain down failure. 

2. Stand on your words: I found it difficult to stand on my words before. Due to the low confident in me. Standing on your words doesn't actually means to repeat your words to a person, during a fight or disagreement. It stands neural. Understand that standing on words simply gives you intellectual thinking to overcome any problems. Be any thing what so ever. Example: if you're told not to go outside during a festival. If truly where you want to go worth and it's urgent. You must surely go. No matter anything. But try to understand that;  if you're on your words, and you finally achieved it. The outcome maybe (50-50) which means. Either good or bad. Bur try to re-think decisions made by yourself. Don't be too proud or too Skip from advice of people older than you. They know what's bad or wrong. You just have to make your decision final, when you already have a vital proof that the outcome  will be good. If bad, then it's left to yours to dance to. 

3. Ability to stand alone: people do mistaken this. Standing alone is not when alone having freedom from your parents. But your ability to make a decision and face the reality of your life. Do bad or good. Most people are scared to stand alone. Starting from sleeping in darkness. Actually most people does that. You can't stand alone in darkness. Either you click with your dad or mom. This truly is not anyone's problem. But you yourself. The failure of humans start from the background .if your background is good your future will be sound. Never forget that not all background that are good do overcome failures at once. It takes gradual process. A room is not built in a day. So victory to. I was even told there's no shortcut to success. Only diligent do the best. Who told you? Let be realistic :most people that make it in life doesn't come from their hard work. But they took risk. Which make actually end their life or give them shorter life. I hope you understand what I meant by risk?  Risk is what you hopefully know that it won't come out good. But with one mind. You take a deep breathe and follow. Which may actually end your future. 

4. Don't have many friends in common: Am actually talking from the realms of experience and research. Failure is like a tattered clothes now. We can do without it. If a water drop to a floor. You will surely clean with a tattered clothes. Or, will you use clean one?  You can't. So in life they're two things involved. If you want to succeed in life. You must pass through failure. Do you think the gold that you see just drop from heaven?  It actually pass through fire. Which is failure in that aspect. Failure is not one. Remember this! "Failure is not one" what happened to Shade will surely be different from Amope. Some failures are normal. Like for example : we do fail mathematics. Most students hate mathematics. But if you continue trying to pass. You find yourself failure again. It's not spiritual one. It actually means you can't know it. But don't retreat. Just keep on with prayer and focus. While the other one may not even read it all for a particular exam. And he will pass. Some failures happens due to some reasons. If you don't fail. You won't appreciate God if you pass all day. That's it. So failure is like a jealous person also. If you fail. Don't retreat. Keep on trying. You will surely reach your peaceful destination. 

As Written by:
Adeniran joseph
    Prince Joe.

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